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»Corporate Advisory;
»Registration with FUNDAP;
»Project for the Concession of Differential Tax Treatment;
»Qualification for SISCOMEX.

Records Advice


When thinking about opening a company, it is very important to seek corporate advice in order to receive guidance for opening and legalizing your business. This is a very important investment to avoid problems in the future. For this reason, Olírica Cunha has professionals specialized in the subject, to deal with the formalities of the constitution, the continuity of an organization through registrations and licenses, in addition to other corporate matters.


Some of the main services provided in this area of activity are the constitution and registration of companies and branches, as well as amendments to social contracts, closings and reactivations in the appropriate competent bodies; the evaluation and analysis of terms and clauses of social contracts; regularization or cancellation of license permits; emissions of negative certificates; and guidance and registration of the individual microentrepreneur.


Corporate advisory: registration with FUNDAP and other tax incentives

In addition to the activities mentioned above, Olírica Cunha also takes care of the entire process to obtain the FUNDAP (Fund for the Development of Port Activities) certificate at BANDES. This is a financial incentive that supports companies that carry out foreign trade operations of certain goods, in order to leverage the state of Espírito Santo in their imports, as long as they are taxed by ICMS (Taxes on Circulation of Goods and Services).


Another possibility of service is the presentation of a project as a requirement to the Federal Government, with the objective of obtaining other tax incentives, such as INVEST-ES Import, INVEST-ES Indústria, Compete-ES Transportadoras , Compete-ES Wholesaler and COMPETE-ES from other sectors.


Qualification in Siscomex

For companies that work with import and export, it is mandatory to have Siscomex (Integrated Foreign Trade System) qualification, also known as qualification or password on the Radar, which must be provided when the business is constituted and legalized. This is a computerized instrument and a facilitating tool for the adoption of a single flow of information. It is through it that governmental control of Brazilian foreign trade is exercised. However, since there are different types of qualification, Olírica Cunha studies the most suitable way with the operations of your company, only then proceed with the registration at the Customs.

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