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Tax Advice

Tax Planning

You can't really plan your company's future if you don't know where it is today. Tax planning is a process of logical analysis of the financial situation, in order to invest and use resources in an ideal manner and with the objective of reducing the tax obligation through exemptions, deductions and benefits. For this, it involves the design and implementation of various strategies, in order to minimize the amount of taxes paid for a given period in a legal and efficient manner.


Tax planning and tax incentive projects to make your company profit more

In order to create or redefine the layout of the company's operations for tax planning, Olírica Cunha develops, first of all, a comparative and totally individual and personalized study with the situation without fiscal and financial incentives . After all, different companies have different needs. All of this in order to even analyze the feasibility of combining the Espírito Santo tax incentive with that of other states and highlight which is the most profitable incentive in each case.


So, if you want to make your business profit, we offer cutting edge solutions in the implementation or continuity of projects in Espírito Santo and we can help you obtain tax incentives. Commercial retail companies that operate through non-face-to-face sales and wholesale commercial companies, for example, may have tax incentives on interstate sales with accreditation at Compete E-commerce or Compete Wholesaler.


The INVEST Import and INVEST Industry projects are an incentive to investment and generate employment and income in ES, in order to contribute to the expansion, modernization and diversification of the state's productive sectors. There is also the possibility of accreditation at Compete Transportadoras and in several other modalities of Compete, in addition to other ES tax incentives, such as REOA - Special Regime for Substitute Taxpayer ICMS-ST.


Tax and ancillary obligation review is also part of tax planning

The work of tax review and ancillary obligations is essential for all companies that wish to comply with their tax obligations, optimizing as much as possible to pay as little as possible, but acting within the law. It can be done in a preventive monthly or sporadic manner, with the review of tax calculations and declarations in the Municipal, State and Federal spheres, according to the client's needs.

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